XUDD Marketing For People Who Like The Word “Cloud”

Ever wanted to write actors in the cloud? Now with XUDD, YOU CAN!

XUDD’s an asychronous actor model system. Run a cloud of actors! Dynamic load balancing across actor pools! It’s so simple! You just set and up and forget about it, instant web scale.

Cooperative multitasking, dynamically? There’s an actor for that.

Event driven development?? TALK ABOUT IDIOTS. We’ve figured out the future and we’re going to be super smug about it, because that’s what sells products. And with XUDD, we’re all about products. Product driven development.

With XUDD, we’re agile, and we definitely SCRUM. We’ve got a dedicated SCRUM-lord who runs stand-up meetings. SCRUM solves all the problems: if you had a problem with the way you develop code, just follow the SCRUM, it’ll fix it, otherwise you don’t understand the problem. But with XUDD, we understand all the problems, which is why we don’t have any.

We’ve got all the clouds with XUDD. Remote clouds? Local clouds? Public clouds? Private clouds? We’ve got all of them. ALL THE CLOUDS.

All of them.